Funded by the Beijing government and led by the Beijing Film Academy, Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment is a collaboration between a group of Chinese Universities, research institutes, and technology companies.

Main tasks for the Center : Building with focus both on art and science and the goal of how to define visual technologies and innovative arts for entertainment in the 21 century;innovating film language systems and expressions, developing and stabilizing China's Film Schools; creating technology systems for future image acquisition, production and presentation of future visual imagery content, and building a support platform for the combination of future-oriented art and technology; adapting future image technologies, creating industrial models and support systems for China’s future film productions; introducing top international experts, and training both future masters and leading talents.

Images: it is through images that humans acknowledge the natural world, express their perceptual experience, spread knowledge and information, and construct cultural systems. Image technology development has led to improved levels of human social cognition, imagination and development. Sophisticated and cutting edge research into future image technologies are needed for the further development of all mankind.

Present: The development of human technology has promoted visual media into a new stage from traditional flat dimensions to 3D space. The image technology revolution, taking VR and AR technology as the selling point, presents four challenges for future image technology: higher data volume, higher interactivity, higher immersion and higher dimensioned images.

Future: Image research will be able to develop new narrative modes such as machine intelligence narration and database narration. "Telling a story” image processes will bring groundbreaking innovations. Under the current image technologies, images are produced in a linear mode, while the Industry 4.0 era will bring narrative innovations, giving the audience unprecedented interactive possibilities.